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For more than three decades, DataServ has partnered with school districts to transform their digital environment by providing unique, cutting-edge IT solutions and services that improve efficiencies and attend to your team’s daily needs. By partnering with CatchOn, DataServ is able to provide districts with access to critical data about the daily engagement of students, staff and devices. This data yields key insight into how much schools spend on software, licensing, subscription and devices, and how frequently these investments are used, so schools can optimize spending.  And, with CatchOn, there’s something for everyone: Superintendents can safeguard critical student and faculty data, and lead their districts with robust, data-backed roadmaps; Treasurers can optimize expenditures and track ROI, and better validate technology efforts to taxpayers; Principals, Curriculum Directors and Teachers can see what student engagement in real time and app usage looks , yielding benefits such as identifying learning behaviors and at-risk students quickly. Together, we empower Ohio schools to leverage data so they can enhance education and strengthen their communities through strategic leadership.

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