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Whatever Your Role, CatchOn Empowers You to Make Data-Informed Decisions

Explore the following use cases to learn how CatchOn improves app management for you and your team.

Curriculum Instructor

Alice Smith


Application Renewal Time

Curriculum Instructor Alice Smith has purchased two mathematics applications to help seventh grade students. She has tested out the application across all sections. Now she needs to determine efficacy and whether or not she wants to renew her license.

CatchOn Helps: Using CatchOn, she finds that the applications had different results with different students. One app worked much better with students who came into the school year requiring remediation, while the second app helped overperformers advance even more quickly. CatchOn has now empowered her to feel confident renewing both apps, each with half as many subscriptions as before.

Chief Technology Officer

Morgan Jones


Safeguarding Student Data

CTO Morgan Jones just left a meeting with Superintendent Susan Osborne. They have data privacy concerns about a new, free app students are using on district-issued devices.

CatchOn Helps: Leveraging CatchOn’s privacy badging identification feature, she can quickly see if the application currently holds the SDPC badge and IMS TrustEd Apps Seal, including FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliance. Even better, because her district is an IMS Global member, she can access the app’s IMS data privacy rubric results and regulatory compliance information using CatchOn’s platform.


Janet Swanson


Tracking Student Engagement

With so many new devices and apps being used in her classrooms, Principal Swanson feels overwhelmed with how to track student engagement.

CatchOn Helps: Fortunately, using CatchOn’s Active Window, Principal Swanson can track student usage and engagements per application to the minute on district-issued Chrome devices, enabling her to identify gaps in engagement and learning.

Professional Development Coordinator

Pat Mayberry


Matching Need with Training

Professional Development Coordinator Pat Mayberry wants to align professional development curriculum with courses that will directly, positively impact subject matter instruction, particularly with students who have fallen behind.

CatchOn Helps: CatchOn’s student-level data reporting lets Pat quickly discover which applications helped underperforming students throughout the district in the prior year. She can then make these applications the focus of district-wide professional development.


Mr. Chung


Closing Learning Gaps

Mr. Chung knows Jamal is a whiz kid at chemistry. But writing, not so much. This doesn’t really make sense because Jamal is so studious. What is happening?

CatchOn Helps: In real time, CatchOn offers Mr. Chung reporting that lets him see inequities in learning application engagement. He sees that Jamal spends 75% of his engagement time in the Chemistry app. Unfortunately, he only devotes 10% to his assigned writing lessons. Now Mr. Chung can work with Jamal to better manage his time and not fall behind in writing.



Invest Wisely

Evaluate software renewals with actual usage and financial data, not surveys.

Detect Trends

Discover what free or unknown apps are being used.

Manage Subscriptions

Manage licenses, costs, ROI, and renewals from an easy-to-access dashboard.

Inform Training

Identify gaps in usage by tool to create targeted professional development and training plans.

Student Data Privacy

Diagnose applications vulnerable to student data privacy policies.

Improve Usage

Review important classroom apps to ensure they are being used effectively.

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