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CatchOn engages the entire leadership team in data-driven dialogues to spur action that gets results. Here’s how our transformative tool can help everyone in your district turn data into community-wide strategies.

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The danger of lawsuits are real… In 2018, the FBI issued a stark warning to school leaders that the proliferation and implementation of educational technologies in U.S. schools, paired with the widespread collection of student data, could have privacy and safety implications if compromised.
Compare your school, library or district’s network security planning against industry best practices for risk management, cyber security and data privacy.
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When it came time for Santa Fe Public Schools to update the devices supporting the district’s 1:1 initiative, they realized they were missing one critical piece of the puzzle—usage data.
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Data-driven professional development can be a major asset to ensure teachers have the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to be successful.
Today’s schools have vast amounts of data from educational applications and online tools, but they often lack the time and resources necessary to analyze it…
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Mashpee school district utilizes CatchOn to improve EdTech visibility, creating data-powered learning environments and scalable blended learning practices.
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Florida’s School District of Clay County are revolutionizing how schools view and leverage data to make instructional, fiscal, and operational decisions.
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In 15 minutes or less, you can! Districts that implement CatchOn typically discover 10x the number of applications they thought were in use throughout the district.
Schools are compiling vast amounts of data from education software, but they often lack the time & tools to analyze and transform it into meaningful action.
Explore the following use cases to learn how CatchOn improves app management for you and your team.
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Implementing a one-to one (1:1) device initiative for digital learning is a significant investment for any school district. It requires a well-crafted strategic vision for curriculum integration, a robust IT infrastructure, and training for faculty and students alike.
Every year, new digital learning applications are introduced into today’s classrooms. It’s imperative that these apps meet the requirements of a school district’s student data privacy policies.

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