Personalized Dashboard

Revolutionary Customizable Dashboard Provides Up-to-the Minute Data

Measure Usage

Monitor Costs

Protect Data Privacy

CatchOn streamlines your data in an easy-to-read dashboard, enabling you to quickly evaluate the usage of all apps in your school or district.

Whether Chrome, Windows, Mac, or iOS, CatchOn’s dashboard provides a real-time digital inventory of all the applications, websites, and subscriptions being used in your classes across all device types. Even more, CatchOn’s dashboard allows you to monitor the tools and applications you already know about and identify unknown or unapproved tools being used by your staff and students.

Track Key Usage Trends

Leveraging CatchOn’s comprehensive data analytics technology and customizable dashboard widgets, education leaders can track key usage trends and identify critical gaps across the district.

Personalized Dashboard Views

Get the view that works for you! Personalized CatchOn dashboard views allow each user in the district to customize, track, and monitor the data most relevant to their role. Each user has their own unique dashboard that enables them to filter or drill down into data based on set roles and permissions instituted by the district’s authorized CatchOn administrator.

Tailor Dashboards to Any Role

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Monitor Users, Devices, and Applications With Usage Trends Dashboards

CatchOn’s usage trend reports give you a view of the current applications trending up or down in your district, as well as the ability to analyze usage at the district, campus, and class level for all users and devices. District leaders can utilize these trending reports to evaluate total costs and return on investments, as well as successes and needs associated with device and application rollouts.

Monitor Usage Trends Across Your Entire District

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Principal Dashboard

A middle-school principal is interested in monitoring the most recent math curriculum deployment. Using CatchOn’s add-on Class-Level Module, she is able to drill-down to course and section usage metrics.

Curriculum Director

The Curriculum Director of ABC School District wants to identify which campuses need professional development. She can easily identify how devices and tools are used during in-school and out-of-school hours utilizing applications, time of day, and course level dashboard views. These insights will help her measure blended learning programs and identify gaps in access to improve equity, as well as give her the data needed to inform and communicate her PD strategy across all departments.

Chief Technology Officer Dashboard

The CTO of ABC School District creates custom views to monitor and manage the data associated with the district’s new 1:1 device initiative. This allows the CTO to monitor top applications by device type, track device usage, and identify how the school-owned devices and tools are being used both in-school and out-of-school.

Superintendent Dashboard

The Superintendent of ABC School District wants to identify which campuses and/or classes need professional development to support the district’s 1:1 district-wide technology initiative. This dashboard provides him with the data needed to inform and communicate professional development strategies across departments.

Total Users

Administrators can easily analyze and compare usage by campus within a single dashboard view. The dashboard allows a timeframe to be selected to measure changes that may occur throughout the semesters. Customized chart views and export capabilities allow reports to be seamlessly included in presentations to stakeholders.

Manage Subscriptions and Renewal Status with Total Cost

CatchOn’s renewal status keeps track and simplifies how you manage your subscriptions. CatchOn’s easy-to-use sorting and filtering functionality helps districts not only stay on top of renewals in advance, but also provides accessible data to empower them with real usage data when it’s time to make a decision.

Active Devices

District leadership teams can attain a birds-eye view into their usage by device type and campuses. These analytics will help districts identify where additional investment in devices is needed to improve equity, or where additional training and support may be needed.

Trending Apps

Explore the most widely used applications in your district with CatchOn’s trending apps feature. This feature helps leaders evaluate the value and impact of their EdTech investments and also identify unknown and unapproved apps being used in the district. Using CatchOn’s global profiles, which are available for any application in CatchOn’s platform, users can learn more about identified unapproved apps and get a quick link to the site and the app’s privacy policy.

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