Patterns of Digital Engagement

Leveraging data analytics to see the online tools students are using

The shift to varied modalities of learning has introduced new questions and concerns regarding the lack of visibility school leaders have into their virtual learning environments:

Analytics In Action

Visibility At Your Fingertips​

Monitoring the data analytics dashboards and reports offered by CatchOn, districts can see the digital applications their students are using at the student, class, and school district level, enabling them to quickly identify patterns of digital engagement.

Check out how Duncanville ISD is leveraging data analytics to monitor their remote and in-person digital learning environments and ensure their students are receiving the support they need to be successful.

How has CatchOn assisted Duncanville ISD with navigating virtual learning in the wake of COVID-19?
How has CatchOn assisted Duncanville ISD with managing apps used throughout the district?

Identifying Patterns of Digital Engagement at the Student Level ​

CatchOn’s student-level data module allows educators to identify patterns of engagement and learning among their individual students to determine instructional needs and monitor their students’ pathways to successful learning.

In Need of a Time Manager

Jamal is a whiz kid at chemistry, but his writing skills seem to be declining. This doesn’t really make sense because Jamal is so studious. What is happening?

CatchOn Helps: In real time, CatchOn offers reporting that lets you see inequities in learning application engagement. Leveraging this ability, you see Jamal is spending 75% of his engagement time in the chemistry app. Unfortunately, he only devotes 10% to his assigned writing lessons. Now you can work with him to develop a time management plan and get him back on track.