Student Data Privacy

Safeguarding Student Data in Today’s Connected Learning Environments

As both a monitoring tool for online software applications and a SaaS solution, CatchOn is committed to protecting student data. Our 360-degree approach to student data privacy helps you keep your data safe and provides you real-time visibility into the learning tools being used in your school district.

Visibility Tool

The influx of devices in the classroom has opened the flood gates to a plethora of online applications and tools. While many are helpful, some can pose a risk to a school district’s student data privacy policies.

CatchOn enables education leaders to see software applications used on school devices, both inside and outside the classroom, meaning administrators can now quickly diagnose applications vulnerable to student data privacy policies.

Approved and Unapproved Applications

CatchOn gives users the ability to mark and categorize their applications as approved or not approved by the district. Users can even sort, download, and export a list of approved or unapproved applications to share with district personnel, stakeholders, and parents.

Peace of Mind—Committed to Privacy

CatchOn proudly supports and has signed the Student Privacy Pledge. As such, all information that can identify an individual student stays on the district server. CatchOn only has access to de-identified aggregated information.

CatchOn Stands Behind Student Data Privacy Efforts

CatchOn has joined the following organizations to support student data privacy:

The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) is designed to address the day-to-day, real-world, and multi-faceted issues that schools, states, territories, and vendors face when protecting learner information. SDPC’s vision is to develop common activities, artifacts, templates, tools, and effective practices that can be leveraged through a unique collaborative of end users and marketplace providers working together.

Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) is a nonprofit organization that serves as a catalyst for privacy leadership and scholarship, advancing principled data practices in support of emerging technologies. FPF brings together industry, academics, consumer advocates, and other thought leaders to explore the challenges posed by technological innovation and develop privacy protections, ethical norms, and workable business practices.

The iKeepSafe mission is to provide a safe digital landscape for children, schools, and families by supporting the protection of student privacy while advancing learning in a digital culture. To support this mission, iKeepSafe provides data privacy certifications to technology companies, educational resources to schools, and information to the community.