Safeguarding Student Data in Today’s Connected Learning Environments

At CatchOn, we understand that protecting your staff and students’ data is critical. That’s why we are committed to protecting student data both as a monitoring tool for online software applications as well as a SaaS solution. Our 360-degree approach to student data privacy ensures you have the peace of mind of knowing your data remains on your servers while receiving visibility into the learning tools being used in your school district.

Visibility Tool

The influx of devices in the classroom has opened the flood gates to a plethora of online applications and tools. Although many of these resources can be very effective instructional tools, they can also pose a risk to a school district’s student data privacy policies.

Before CatchOn, it was nearly impossible for school districts to monitor all the online resources being used in classrooms.

CatchOn enables education leaders to see all the software applications their teachers and students are using on their school devices, allowing them to quickly diagnose applications vulnerable to student data privacy policies.

Student Data Privacy Infographic

Peace of Mind—Committed to Privacy

We understand how critical it is for school districts to safeguard their student data. That’s why we support and signed the Student Privacy Pledge. At CatchOn, all information that can identify an individual student stays on the district server. The company only has access to de-identified aggregated information.