DEEPER Approach to Support Student Data Privacy Compliance ​

CatchOn’s comprehensive approach to monitoring and managing student data privacy compliance enables district leaders to receive complete application usage data and more in-depth visibility into what students are accessing.

As a student data privacy management tool, CatchOn is committed to protecting student data and empowering districts with the information required to foster deeper conversations regarding data privacy compliance.

Here’s our 6-step DEEPER approach:

DETECT new and existing district application usage

EVALUATE application privacy policies, terms of service, and 3rd party policy badging

ENDORSE approved apps by grade, building, or district

PUBLISH list of approved apps, policies, contracts, and more with stakeholders

ENGAGE leadership in ongoing conversations on effective usage, results, and application efficacy

REVIEW policy changes, compliance, and application updates

NEW: Student Data Privacy Dashboard

CatchOn’s Student Data Privacy Dashboard gives you quick and easy visibility into NEW trending applications allowing you to monitor unapproved and approved apps and ongoing privacy policies to maintain privacy compliance.

New Trending Apps

Examine and monitor current data on the newest and most widely used applications in your district to identify “best-practice” trends and potential risks to data privacy.

Non-approved Apps with PII

Identify unapproved applications that may jeopardize Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Quickly access comprehensive application profiles to review privacy policies, third-party approvals, terms of service, and more.

Approved Apps Expiration

Monitor your approved applications for license updates and renewal deadlines.

Privacy Policy Updates

Review updated policy changes in the application privacy policies of your applications to maintain data privacy compliance.

Third-Party Badging and Security Reviews

CatchOn has partnered with IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Student Data Privacy Consortium to support privacy agreement management and provide districts advanced insight into application security and privacy measures.

IMS Global Learning Consortium

The IMS TrustEd Apps program for student data privacy is a collaboratively developed process to proactively guide and support institutions and EdTech suppliers in secure data use, collection, and sharing. Through TrustEd Apps, IMS independently vets the policies of hundreds of edtech companies annually to determine their level of support for student data privacy.

As an IMS TrustEd Apps Preferred Partner, CatchOn brings the IMS data privacy rubric results and regulatory compliance information directly to district administrators and educators through its platform.

CatchOn’s new privacy badging identification feature enables users to quickly see if an application currently holds an IMS TrustED Apps review including compliance with FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR. This new privacy feature also allows IMS Global member districts to access its IMS data privacy rubric results and regulatory compliance information.

Student Data Privacy Consortium

The Student Data Privacy Consortium is a partnership of schools, districts, regional, territories and state agencies, policy makers, trade organizations and marketplace providers that collaborate to address solutions to growing data privacy concerns.

CatchOn’s Student Data Privacy Consortium privacy badges enable users to quickly see if a vendor has signed the National Data Privacy Agreement. Additionally, K-12 leaders can see what active available privacy agreements an app has by state.

Security Review Snapshot

Comprehensive Application Visibility

CatchOn enables district leaders to receive comprehensive application usage data outside of what single sign on solutions, filtering tools, and browser extensions report on. With more in-depth visibility into what their students are accessing, administrators can quickly diagnose applications that may pose a threat to their students’ data or safety. 

App Approvals and Reporting

CatchOn gives users the ability to mark and categorize their applications as approved or not approved by the district. Users can even sort, download, and export a list of approved or unapproved applications to share with district personnel, stakeholders, and parents. CatchOn’s Application Profiles give districts access to review the application privacy policies and terms of service. These applications will now be marked with 3rd party application.

Regional and State Privacy Policy Monitoring and Reporting

CatchOn’s Regional and State Dashboards allow states and regional entities to track, monitor and evaluate application usage data across identified districts at the district, region, and/or state level. This powerful data view enables states and regional entities to monitor application policies, and disseminate valuable data privacy information among constituents. 

CatchOn Stands Behind Student Data Privacy Efforts​

CatchOn proudly supports and has signed the Student Data Privacy Pledge. We are also a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium and support the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA).

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