Funding Eligibility

Leverage federal funds to get real-time data that produces real results.

Using CatchOn, districts can quickly intervene to improve student engagement and address learning loss before it is too late. The solution’s versatility and ability to monitor student engagement make it eligible for several federal funds.

Watch Christine Fox, Sr. Director of External Partnerships at CoSN, share her thoughts on the federal stimulus funding opportunities available to school districts.

Quick Snapshot of Eligible Funds

  • 122.8 billion available through September 30, 2023
  • Includes all eligible uses from previous ESSER funds, including purchasing educational technology that aids in regular and substantive educational interaction between students and their classroom instructors
  • ARP ESSER funds specifically address learning loss among students by tracking student attendance and improving student engagement in distance learning.
How CatchOn Fits:

In order to address learning loss, educators need to understand how and when students are engaging with their digital tools and applications. CatchOn provides the real-time quantitative data required to track and measure engagement at the student level.

  • $54.3 billion dollars available through September 30, 2023
  • Builds on the eligibility requirements provided in ESSER I but adds spending priorities around addressing learning loss and tracking student engagement
How CatchOn Fits:

Using CatchOn, district leaders can see when—and which—applications and online tools are being used by students, enabling educators to immediately intervene and prevent learning loss when they see a student is not engaging with a tool or is using an application that is not appropriate.

  • Available through September 30, 2022
  • Enables districts to purchase educational technology that aids educational interactions between students and their classroom instructions
  • Provides principals and other schools leaders with resources necessary to address the needs of their individual schools
How CatchOn Fits:

CatchOn provides school and district leaders with visibility into the apps and online tools students are using on their school devices, enabling districts to assess the ROI of their technology investments, identify where more professional development may be required, track student engagement at the student level, and safeguard student data.

Title I and Title IVA Funding
  • Districts can use their Title I funding for schoolwide programs
  • Title IVA can be used to purchase technology that improves academic achievement and digital literacy
How CatchOn Fits:

CatchOn delivers a digital engagement analysis at the student level that school districts can use to improve instruction, assess training needs, save money, and help safeguard student data privacy. CatchOn eliminates the guesswork and quickly equips school districts with the quantitative data they need to answer many of the tough questions intrinsically intertwined with their digital learning efforts and student engagement.

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CatchOn goes beyond the device and enables districts to identify, track, and assess the applications and online tools their students are using inside and outside the classroom. Discover how your district can leverage federal funds and CatchOn to build a sustainable and secure digital environment for all learners.

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