Student-Level Data

CatchOn Provides Visibility Into the Patterns of Engagement and Learning for Your Students!

CatchOn’s student-level data module allows you to monitor when and how each student is using their online tools and resources on their school-owned devices.

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Measure Engagement

  • See student engagement within a given course or section

  • Monitor student engagement in assigned applications 
  • Evaluate student engagement to the minute within various subject matters to discern if more or less time is needed for a given student with CatchOn’s Active Window

Track Engagement

  • Monitor student access to their online applications and learning management tools in and out of the school building 

  • Determine if students are online when they are outside the school building – are they in attendance, are they engaged with assigned application activities?
  • Track student access to applications that are not approved or vetted for success or privacy
  • See exactly the number of minutes your student is actively engaged within a given hour throughout the day using CatchOn’s Active Window monitoring

Evaluate Student Engagement Patterns

  • Analyze users within a class, section or grade level to determine engagement levels
  • Compare user engagements to evaluate gaps or inconsistencies in engagement activity for assigned applications
  • Set unique tags to create user view rosters to support evaluation
  • Utilize user view reports to monitor application usage and uncover best practice engagements
  • Evaluate active window engagement patterns in selected applications calculating the number of minutes per engagement

Communicate Engagement

  • Realign priorities based on engagement results to support personalized learning and address achievement gaps 
  • Share engagement reports with district stakeholders, including individual reports for parents 
  • Review patterns of engagement to formulate benchmarks of learning success

NEW: Active Window Feature

Measure Student Engagement Activity To The Minute!

CatchOn Active Window

3 ways CatchOn's student-level data supports student needs with "just in time" data analytics



Stuck in the Digital Divide

Martha is attentive in class, but on remote days she seems to be falling behind on instruction assignments.

CatchOn Helps: Using CatchOn, you monitor how often Martha is engaging with online applications at home and identify significant usage gaps. After speaking with her, it is discovered that her home Internet access is very unreliable, and she needs a hot spot.



In Need of a Time Manager

Jamal is a whiz kid at chemistry, but his writing skills seem to be declining. This doesn’t really make sense because Jamal is so studious. What is happening?

CatchOn Helps: In real time, CatchOn offers reporting that lets you see inequities in learning application engagement. Leveraging this ability, you see Jamal is spending 75% of his engagement time in the chemistry app. Unfortunately, he only devotes 10% to his assigned writing lessons. Now you can work with him to develop a time management plan and get him back on track.


Curriculum Instructor

Alice Smith

Application Renewal Time

Curriculum Instructor Alice Smith has purchased two mathematics applications to help seventh grade students. She has tested out the application across all sections. Now she needs to determine efficacy and whether or not she wants to renew her license.

CatchOn Helps: Using CatchOn, she finds that the applications had different results with different students. One app worked much better with students who came into the school year requiring remediation, while the second app helped overperformers advance even more quickly. CatchOn has now empowered her to feel confident renewing both apps, each with half as many subscriptions as before.

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