Student Engagement Data

Get insight into the applications students are engaging with, and for how long, on your district-owned devices.

Tools To Support Student Engagement Needs

Student-Level Data

CatchOn Provides Visibility Into the Patterns of Engagement and Learning for Your Students!

Because CatchOn gathers student-level data, educators can monitor when each student is using specific online tools and resources on school-owned devices.

Measure Engagement

  • See student engagement within a given course or section
  • Monitor student engagement with assigned applications 
  • Use CatchOn’s Active Window to track the duration of every student’s engagement with any given subject matter or application

Track Engagement

  • Monitor student access to online applications and learning management tools in and out of the school building 
  • Determine if students are online when they are outside the school building to answer key questions. Are students in attendance? Are they engaged with the assigned application?
  • Track student access to applications that the district has not approved
  • Use CatchOn’s Active Window monitoring to see exactly how long a student is actively engaged

Evaluate Student Engagement Patterns

  • Analyze users within a class, section, or grade level to determine engagement levels
  • Compare user engagements to evaluate gaps or inconsistencies
  • Set unique tags to create user view rosters that support evaluation
  • Utilize user view reports to monitor application usage and uncover best practice engagements
  • Evaluate Active Window engagement patterns in selected applications to find the number of minutes per engagement

Communicate Engagement

  • Realign priorities based on each student’s engagement to support personalized learning and address achievement gaps 
  • Share engagement reports with district stakeholders, including individual reports for parents 
  • Align aggregate district application usage data reports with student demographic and outcome data
  • Review patterns of engagement to formulate benchmarks of success

Active Window Feature

Measure Student Engagement Activity to the Minute

Accurately track student-level engagement using CatchOn’s Active Window* data feature. This insightful view reveals how many minutes within each engagement students are actively using the application(s) open on their device’s active window.

*Active Window is currently available on Chrome devices and Chrome and Edge extensions

See a Student’s Weekly Activity

  • Measure students’ weekly active engagement time

  • Identify in school and out of school online engagement to the minute

  • Attain a high-level overview of student weekly activity per application and see the most applications used with accurate activity times

Catchon User Profile Active Window Total Active Window Graphic

Track Usage and Engagements Per Application

  • Determine how many times students engaged with an assigned application throughout the day

  • Monitor activity to the minute

  • Utilize student engagement and active window measurements to identify best practices and learning behavior patterns that may require intervention

Leverage Application Statistics to Help Identify Gaps in Engagement and Learning

  • Discover patterns in student engagement and activity

  • Identify changes in activity levels in real-time

  • Compare engagements weekly to assure continuity of learning

  • Tag applications to identify program and subject tracking

  • View application profiles to identify trending statistics and district approval

Catchon User Profile Active Window Application Active Window Statistics Updated

Class-Level Visibility

Build a Blueprint for Student Achievement With Class-Level Data

CatchOn’s class-level data gives your administrators and educators the reliable and actionable data they need to make data-driven instructional decisions. Access to class-level analytics requires OneRoster ®.

Attention to Detail Gives Leaders Breadth and Depth in Data

In order to personalize and enhance learning environments, districts need to see what online apps and resources are being used by their students both inside and outside the classroom. Data accessed through CatchOn enables district and school leadership to view data at the course and section levels.

Using CatchOn’s customizable dashboard widgets, users can build views that give them insight into usage across course sections and leverage this data to guide discussions and improvement plans for their digital learning initiatives.

Class-Level Data Views

Top 10 applications for a section:
Track frequently used applications for a distinct class or section

Top applications for a section by time:
Monitor frequently used applications for a distinct class or section based on a specific time. Choose section participants and monitor usage beyond the school day.

All applications by course section:
Review all applications based on course-level usage. Monitor what is happening in all related academic courses around a certain subject

Top applications for a course:
Evaluate the top applications for all sections of any given academic course (e.g. Algebra 1)  

Monitor Class-Level Usage In and Out of School

Learning doesn’t stop when students leave the school building. It’s critical that districts have 24/7 access to the actionable data being generated on school-owned devices even when they are outside of the classroom. CatchOn’s class-level data views coupled with student-level data profiles allow users to track usage by the time of day.

Share Class-Level Reports with Stakeholders to Inform Learning

Data can’t become actionable without consistent, comprehensible, and clear reporting. Results must be presented in a manner that fosters and supports meaningful analysis. CatchOn’s dashboard views allow district leaders to select the data they wish to monitor, choose their preferred chart or table style, and print these customized reports to share with their teams.

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