Jena Draper

Jena Draper is the founder and general manager at CatchOn, a company designed to support teaching and learning through the smarter use of data and technology. In 2016, she created CatchOn to help districts meet and adapt to changing instructional needs and trends through the use of real-time data and cutting-edge technology. Ms. Draper is passionate about improving how students learn with technology.

Leo Brehm

As CatchOn’s product manager, Leo is actively involved in the design and development of CatchOn. Previously, Leo served as the learning evolution officer (CIO/CTO) for Central Massachusetts Collaborative Public Schools of Northborough. He has a proven history of dedication to the advancement of learning through a schooling model that is both student-centered and personalized.

Eric Rutledge

Eric Rutledge started his career as a public school teacher. As technology changed, Eric was instrumental in testing new products and identifying trends. He attained a Master’s degree in Music Education Technology where he specialized in web design, multimedia presentation tools, and best practices in educational game creation. Eric brings a wealth of experience to his role as CatchOn’s success manager and enjoys using his knowledge to help school districts produce positive outcomes in their classrooms.

Lillian Kellogg

Lillian Kellogg has dedicated her career to education and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of educational technology. She has been elected to and served on several education and industry-leading association boards of directors, and she has received several awards and recognitions for her dedication and service to the educational technology community, including the SIIA Ed Tech Impact Award, CoSN Outstanding Private Sector Champion Volunteer Award, and ISTE Making IT Happen Award. As a senior vice- president for ENA, Lillian leverages her industry-expertise and knowledge to ensure CatchOn is providing educators with the information they need to optimize their district’s EdTech usage.

Andrea Krupa

Andrea came to ENA and CatchOn after working in the field of telemedicine as director of Business and Partner Development for the University of Iowa Health Care. Andrea is now the senior director of Customer Services for CatchOn, a role which aligns with her dedication to helping deliver the best solutions to our customers and their organizations