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BorderLAN Cyber Security

BorderLAN is your Cybersecurity Partner
BorderLAN helps busy IT individuals and Districts obtain better visibility into their applications, bandwidth usage, and student safety by implementing cost saving measures with more effective and affordable products.

BorderLAN is a true partner of the IT team
BorderLAN adheres to a Customer Concierge approach where your needs are the focus of their communications.  The goal is keep customer satisfaction during the entire contract of IT solutions.  Customers receive monthly contact ensuring continuous satisfaction, updates, and notices.  As cybersecurity is a constantly changing industry, BorderLAN also helps customers know about new defense strategies, products and services that help circumvent cyber criminals. 

91% of those BorderLAN surveyed agreed:  “We do not have the resources and time to mount effective IT defenses or work on cost cutting measures.”   BorderLAN can help from product selection, implementation, monitoring, managed services, and more. 

BorderLAN, Inc., founded in 1997, is a large cybersecurity provider to over 1,000 school districts and hundreds of cities and businesses nationwide protecting over 3 million computers. BorderLAN researches industry-defining manufacturers and presents the  best suited options to their customers with the intent to help remove blind spots and provide 24/7 protection in effective and affordable ways.


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