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Data-Informed Decisions

CatchOn is an expansive data analytics tool that provides administrative leaders a window into the efficacy of their technology investments and integrations.

Monitor Student Digital Engagement in All Learning Modalities — Remote, Blended, and In-Person.

Gather insightful data on your student engagements both inside and outside of school!


CatchOn engages the entire leadership team in data-driven dialogues to spur action that gets results. Here’s how our transformative tool can help everyone in your district turn data into community-wide strategies:

User Engagement Profile

Track Individual User Engagement by App, Time of Day, and Device Usage

Sixth Grade Student, Ahzad

Ahzad is a mystery. Her performance seems completely random in terms of subject matter. She performs well in some areas and poorly in others. You’re convinced there has to be a pattern.
You open your CatchOn dashboard and begin examining Azhad’s user engagement profile to review patterns of digital engagement and learning. You notice that she engages regularly with the apps related to her high-performing subject areas. You dig down deeper and realize that those apps all have one thing in common— they have timed checks for learning. Azhad is more willing to engage when she’s put on a clock. You can now begin looking for educational applications that use a similar approach.

Purchasing Options with Channel Partners

The CatchOn Channel Program was created to simplify the procurement process for school districts. CatchOn is available for purchase through these partners:

Gain Visibility Into Your Remote & Blended Learning Environments