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CatchOn How-To: Using CatchOn During Budget Season

CatchOn helps ensure your district’s budget has room for the right technology tools. Below are some helpful tools and features you can use to analyze usage, assess your ROI, and identify alternative applications that can be potentially purchased at a lower price. 

Using CatchOn in Budget Season

Analyzing Usage in My Applications

The “My Applications” tab in CatchOn is where you will find the most detailed analytics data for the applications your district has purchased. Once you select the application you wish to evaluate, the “License Usage and Cost” and “Usage Trend” tabs work as two sides of the same coin to help you get a full picture of the usage of a software product.

License Usage and Cost will compare the number of licenses you have purchased for an application with the number of licenses that have been used in a customizable time period. In this tab, CatchOn will also show the cost of the used licenses compared to the cost of the unused licenses. However, this only provides part of the story for the history of your subscription.

The other component is shown in Usage Trend. By customizing the date range of the Usage Trend graph to the length of your subscription for a tool, you can see how usage has changed over that time.

When viewed along with the License Usage and Cost data, for example, you may see that a large number of licenses have been used, but if it was all at the beginning of the subscription and usage has continued to decline, perhaps this application may not be the best fit for your district. On the other hand, if the number of used licenses is low but the usage trend is steadily increasing, you might want to consider repurchasing this tool and providing more professional development around it. You can also look at usage trends for each campus in your district and decide to only resubscribe for certain campuses to save money on the total number of licenses purchased.

Together, the License Usage and Cost and Usage Trend tools can help you make data-informed decisions around whether a tool should be purchased again for the new school year.

Alternative Applications via Trending Apps

Viewing your trending applications during budget season can be a helpful exercise. Looking at applications trending at a high-performing campus could help you discover previously unknown tools you may wish to purchase for the whole district. Just select the desired campus in the District/campus drop down menu and click the filter button to see only the applications being used at that particular campus.

Trending applications can also alert you to usage of previously unknown, lower-cost alternatives to tools you have already purchased.

CatchOn can be a valuable companion throughout your budgeting season. Make sure the people who need access to the platform have accounts, and be sure to reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.

Invest Wisely

Evaluate software renewals with actual usage and financial data, not surveys.

Detect Trends

Discover what free or unknown apps are being used.

Manage Subscriptions

Manage licenses, costs, ROI, and renewals from an easy-to-access dashboard.

Inform Training

Identify gaps in usage by tool to create targeted professional development and training plans.

Student Data Privacy

Diagnose applications vulnerable to student data privacy policies.

Improve Usage

Review important classroom apps to ensure they are being used effectively.

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Even in February, many school districts are beginning budget-planning conversations for the following school year. To make sure your district’s budget has room for the right technology tools, plan to spend some time inside of CatchOn to analyze usage, ROI, and alternative applications that can potentially be purchased at a lower price.
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The trending apps section of CatchOn is one of the most popular features of the platform, and one all users will want to check in on regularly to identify applications used in your school district whether or not you have purchased licenses.
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