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Mashpee Public Schools Empowers Teachers With Data Analytics

Customer Success Story​ — Mashpee Public Schools, Mashpee, MA

Mashpee Public Schools (Mashpee), located in a tight-knit community in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is leveraging real-time data to empower educators in the digital age. Equipped with unprecedented visibility into classroom EdTech usage, district leaders have partnered with teachers to develop tailored, data-powered learning environments and scalable blended learning practices.

Pedagogical Possibilities

Mashpee’s first one-to-one (1:1) device initiative, launched nearly five years ago, has ignited a district-wide digital learning transformation. Providing Chromebooks to students in grades 3–12, the initiative enables teachers to incorporate innovative, web-based technologies that promote student-driven learning and revolutionize classroom instruction.

“Now that our teachers have become comfortable using Chromebooks, the devices have become a means of discovering and utilizing new learning technologies,” says Suzy Brooks, Mashpee’s director of instructional technology. “Teachers have the power to explore programs and resources that support more effective methods of instruction, such as differentiated and project-based learning.”

Excited about the limitless possibilities, Mashpee’s educators have become enthusiastic champions of digital learning. “Our teachers are eager to use online resources and are constantly uncovering powerful tools to share with us and one another,” says Brooks. “It’s incredible to see how these tools are transforming the way our classrooms function.”

With CatchOn, Brooks and her team can now see the instructional technologies—both budgeted and unbudgeted—that teachers are using throughout the district.​

Managing a Digital Inventory

As teachers were reimagining the role of digital devices in the classroom, Mashpee’s administrative leaders were searching for a way to manage the district’s growing library of web-based learning applications. Previously, application software purchases were tracked by individual schools, meaning administrative leaders had little visibility at the district level. This made it difficult for them to understand—let alone manage—Mashpee’s digital inventory.

“When we would attempt to determine what programs the district was paying for, it was like peeling an onion,” says Brooks. “We kept uncovering more questions that we didn’t have the answers to: How often do we use these programs? How long does each subscription last? To turn our data into something meaningful, we needed complete visibility. That’s where CatchOn came in.”

CatchOn, a revolutionary data analytics tool, streamlines Mashpee’s subscription and usage data into one, easy-to-navigate dashboard, enabling administrative leaders to both manage and monitor the district’s EdTech investments. “CatchOn lets us see all our data in one place, making it easy to review subscription renewals as well as track utilization,” says Brooks. “Best of all, we have end-to-end visibility—across all schools, devices, and applications.”

Clarity in Data

For Brooks and her team, one of CatchOn’s greatest benefits has been the ability to compare CatchOn’s data to individual application dashboards.

“If my dashboard from one application doesn’t match the dashboard in CatchOn, then I’m able to look closely at it and investigate what isn’t matching up,” says Brooks. “CatchOn gives us a comprehensive look at our application utilization, so we can get a better understanding of usage across our district.”

Not only does CatchOn enable Mashpee to better understand its technology investments, it also allows them to make informed decisions about future purchases.

“If we see that two schools are budgeting for what is essentially the same application, we can work with those schools to determine which tool is most effective—not only in terms of cost but also learning,” says Brooks. “We want to make sure we are making the most of these tools and that we’re not spending valuable funding on applications, programs, and systems that aren’t being used to their fullest potential.”

Voice and Visibility

Now, armed with CatchOn’s up-to-the-minute usage data, administrative leaders have set out to determine which of its tools best support the needs of the district’s digital-age learners. To ensure that all students have equitable access to effective and impactful blended learning opportunities, Mashpee’s leaders have enlisted the support of those who know them best—their teachers.

“A teacher’s digital learning approach depends on the students sitting in front of them,” says Brooks. “That’s why we see such a wide variety of applications in use across the district, and it is important to work with teachers to ensure that all those applications lead to measurable improvements in learning outcomes.”
With CatchOn, Brooks and her team can now see the instructional technologies—both budgeted and unbudgeted—that teachers are using throughout the district, opening the door to meaningful conversations about EdTech and its impact on pedagogical practices.

“When we notice a new application, we see it as an opportunity to sit down with teachers who are using it and learn what makes the application so valuable,” says Brooks. “If we determine that it is a tool that could be implemented across the school or district to benefit all students, we give the teachers a chance to share it with their peers, whether in a staff meeting or a professional development workshop.”

By leveraging enhanced data visibility, Mashpee has tapped into what is potentially its most powerful resource—teacher voice. With the help of its data-empowered educators, Mashpee is building a collection of powerful and proven digital technologies to support student success.

Data Made Accessible

As a district leader who values visibility and collaboration, it is important to Brooks that such important data is accessible and comprehensible to all—not just the data experts.

“I absolutely love data,” says Brooks. “I could spend hours digging through numbers, going back and forth between dashboards, and calculating percentages. But, when I’m in a meeting with faculty and staff who don’t love data like I do, I often serve as a data translator, and it’s incredibly important the data I’m presenting is easy to understand. Faculty and staff shouldn’t have to sit and wait for someone to tell them what it all means. They should be able to view a dashboard and quickly start making correlations between the information in that dashboard to student engagement or performance. CatchOn gives us a broader, clearer view of the district’s usage data in a simple dashboard, so our faculty and staff can focus less on the numbers and more on the results.”

See a quick demo of how CatchOn can help safeguard your student data.

Whatever your district’s current regulatory landscape, following these simple steps can help you protect students while boosting education results.​

CatchOn analytics illustration

Invest Wisely

Evaluate software renewals with actual usage and financial data, not surveys.

Detect Trends

Discover what free or unknown apps are being used.

Manage Subscriptions

Manage licenses, costs, ROI, and renewals from an easy-to-access dashboard.

Inform Training

Identify gaps in usage by tool to create targeted professional development and training plans.

Student Data Privacy

Diagnose applications vulnerable to student data privacy policies.

Improve Usage

Review important classroom apps to ensure they are being used effectively.

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