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CatchOn’s Advanced Agent Technology Provides Districts with Seamless Access to Actionable Data

Nashville, TN (March 28, 2019) – CatchOn, an expansive data analytics tool, announced today the deployment of its new advanced agent technology which provides seamless and secure collection of application and software utilization data across all major operating system platforms. Designed specifically to support today’s device-agnostic, anytime/anywhere learning environments, CatchOn provides administrative and technology leaders actionable intelligence and data analytics across all platforms and school devices.

Unlike most data analytics tools, which may favor one type of device or require significant backend configuration to deploy or manage, CatchOn requires no virtual machines, hardware, or additional authentication process or captive portal to capture and deliver comprehensive data analytics on applications used across district devices, both at school and at home. CatchOn’s advanced agent technology eliminates the need for extra capital expenditures and enables districts to begin seeing and experiencing their data shortly after agent deployment.


“Learning doesn’t stop when students leave the school building,” says Michael McKerley, CTO and Vice-President at ENA. “In today’s connected world, it’s essential that districts have 24×7 access to the data being generated on all school devices inside AND outside of the classroom. CatchOn’s advanced agent technology provides districts with the metrics, insight, and reporting they need without requiring extensive technical resources from the district.”

“In order to personalize and enhance their learning environments, districts need to see what online apps and resources are being used in their schools, and CatchOn provides them with that much-needed visibility,” says Jena Draper, General Manager of CatchOn. “This advanced agent technology is a game-changer in the way actionable data is compiled from all school devices and delivered in clear and concise dashboards and reports to district leaders, instantly providing them with the information they need to improve instruction, assess return on investment, and inform professional development and student data privacy practices.”

About CatchOn

CatchOn is a user-friendly data analytics tool that compiles real-time data on every device, enabling school districts to make data-informed decisions about the apps and online tools their educators and students are using. In 2018, CatchOn joined forces with ENA, a leading provider of comprehensive technology solutions to education institutions and libraries across the nation. Collectively, CatchOn and ENA leverage their respective resources and expertise to deliver critical services and solutions that help school districts produce positive outcomes in the communities they serve. For more information, please visit, call 866-615-1101, or email


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