Advanced Agent Technology

Technology You Can Count On

CatchOn’s advanced agent technology provides administrative and technology leaders with actionable intelligence and data analytics across all platforms and school devices.

Designed specifically to support today’s anytime/anywhere learning environments, CatchOn requires no virtual machines, hardware, additional authentication processes, or captive portals to capture and deliver comprehensive data analytics on applications used across district devices both at school and home.

Why is CatchOn proving to be the go-to tool for educational administrators seeking to make data-driven decisions?

Ability to Collect Off-Site Data

It’s critical that districts have 24/7 access to the data being generated on all school devices inside and outside of the classroom. CatchOn enables districts to track time-of-day data to accurately identify how devices and tools are being used in and out of the physical classroom. These insights help curriculum leaders measure the effectiveness of blended learning programs and identify and remedy unknown equity gaps.

Customizable Widgets

CatchOn’s customizable widgets enable all users to create reports and dashboards to fit their needs. These widgets can be moved, added, changed, and exported on-demand. District and school leaders can customize their CatchOn experience to receive valuable reports and data that fit their specific roles and needs.

Device Interoperability

CatchOn is designed specifically to support today’s device agnostic, anytime/anywhere learning environments. Unlike most data analytics tools, which may favor one type of device or operating system or require significant backend configuration, CatchOn compiles data from all platforms and school devices without requiring extensive technical resources from districts.

Granular Visibility With OneRoster® Integration

CatchOn allows districts to connect to every school device and seamlessly integrate roster and enrollment data leveraging IMS Global’s OneRoster specifications. OneRoster integration provides automated rostering capabilities that improve the accuracy of your CatchOn data and make it possible to align class sections and user profiles when using CatchOn’s class and student-level data.

A Secure, Trusted Environment

CatchOn is hosted in ENA’s own secure, enterprise-grade cloud environment, ENA TrustCompute, to provide users with the best experience.

As a student data privacy pledge signatory, CatchOn is committed to keeping your data secure.

Simple, Seamless, and Speedy Deployment

Easy to deploy and requiring no on-site equipment, CatchOn’s advanced agent technology eliminates the need for extra capital expenditures and enables districts to begin seeing and experiencing their data shortly after agent deployment.

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