Active Window Feature

Measure Student Engagement Activity to the Minute

Accurately track student-level engagement using CatchOn’s Active Window* data feature. This insightful view reveals how many minutes within each engagement students are actively using the application(s) open on their device’s active window.

*Active Window is currently available on Chrome devices only.

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See a Student’s Weekly Activity

  • Measure students’ weekly active engagement time

  • Identify in school and out of school online engagement to the minute

  • Attain a high-level overview of student weekly activity per application and see the most applications used with accurate activity times

Catchon User Profile Active Window Total Active Window Graphic
Catchon User Profile Active Window User Profile Hourly By Day

Track Usage and Engagements Per Application

  • Determine how many times students engaged with an assigned application throughout the day

  • Monitor activity to the minute

  • Utilize student engagement and active window measurements to identify best practices and learning behavior patterns that may require intervention

Leverage Application Statistics to Help Identify Gaps in Engagement and Learning

  • Discover patterns in student engagement and activity

  • Identify changes in activity levels in real-time

  • Compare engagements weekly to assure continuity of learning

  • Tag applications to identify program and subject tracking

  • View application profiles to identify trending statistics and district approval

Catchon User Profile Active Window Application Active Window Statistics Updated

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Using CatchOn, districts can quickly intervene to improve student engagement and address learning loss before it is too late.